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Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) sustainably sourced exotic wood structural tiles are the perfect solution to create a deck over a sloped surface such as an asphalt roof.

Structural tiles also provide an elegant option for those looking for a low maintenance decking solution.

These 4-square-foot tiles can be installed on flat surfaces using traditional decking supports over 12″ centers. On sloped surfaces, the tiles are installed over adjustable-height pedestals ranging from 3/8″ to 42″ in height. The changing distance between the deck surface and roof membrane can be accounted for by adjusting the pedestal heights accordingly.

The structural tile and pedestal systems is versatile and modular. Structural tiles can easily be removed to provide access to the roof underneath, facilitating inspections and repairs as well as drain cleanings.

These beautiful IpeĀ 24″ by 24″ inch structural tiles are sustainably sourced and provide an elegant solution for roof top patios, or to create a modular deck on an asphalt roof.

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