Understanding Your Options For Easy-To-Install Decking Tiles

July 21, 2017
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Decking tiles are very easy to work with. It has been said many times that they can be effortlessly installed on surfaces where they are needed. You can definitely rely on these materials when you want to update your deck or patio in an instant. Want to know your options when it comes to these easy-to-install deck tiles? Let’s get started.

The snap-together option

When you notice that your deck is in need of a facelift, you can always rely on the versatility of snap-together decking tiles. These ones can be used to cover cracked concrete surfaces or weathered wood decks. They are perfect too when you want to update your walkways or porches. With this option, you need not spend too much time working on a structure that needs a revamp.

The eco decking option

Eco decking tiles are called as such because they are “green” choices and are eco-friendly. Oftentimes, you do not even need any nail, screw or adhesive to install them on a surface. Another plus for this option is the fact that they come in different patterns that will definitely suit a range of applications. You will love it too because this option is resistant to moisture, heat and bugs. They are also easy-to-clean since they will only require mopping once a year and sweeping only when needed.

The teak platform option

Teak decking tiles are said to be ideal choices when you are enhancing your outdoors to provide a place where you can dine with friends or entertain your visitors. You can use them for garden walkways and for greenhouse flooring as well. They are simple to install since you can assemble them quickly on flat surfaces. You can preserve their original honey colour by using teak oil and a standard cleaning agent.

The recycled option

For those of you who want to make your place gorgeous and at the same time earth-friendly, you can rely on the recycled composite decking tile. These ones are made out of a combination of recycled wood and plastic. What is great about this option is that it allows water to flow underneath it. They can be perfect for both temporary and permanent patio flooring.

The European-inspired option

For those of you wanting to experience how it is like to live in Europe, you can gain inspiration from European grooved decking tiles. This is simply a great choice for those of you who want a chic-looking backyard. Not to forget that they are also very durable, enough to last many years. They can withstand climate challenges well and can resist moisture issues effectively.

The pre-assembled option

If you are looking for a walkway that will not require too much effort on your part, the pre-assembled walkway decking tile is a good one to consider in your list. This looks like a mat that can be placed over glass, wood chips or stone. You can use them if you want an instant walkway for a specific gathering like a summer get-together with your friends or a graduation party for your child.

The honeycomb option

Sometimes, creating your own pattern out of different pieces of decking tiles can be so much fun. This is where the honeycomb option comes in. You will need several pieces of decking tiles and form them into a hexagonal medallion that looks like a honeycomb. You can use this to fit a variety of spaces.

The stone decking option

For patios that are exposed to extreme climates where wood decking will not be a fit, stone decking tiles will be a great alternative. You can use this on top of an existing deck too. It has a special interlocking system and comes in a wide array of colours to choose from. They come in different sizes too, depending on your needs.

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Why & Where Should You Be Using Deck Tiles?

July 21, 2017
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Many people who are looking to beautify their outdoor living space can rely on stellar materials to achieve the look that they want. Amongst the list of materials to consider when you want reliable outdoor deck flooring are deck tiles. This type of tiles is so versatile that they can be used for a number of purposes. They are also inexpensive and usually do not require a lot of major work done. Want to know why and where you should be using deck tiles? Read on!

Getting to know deck tiles

dura composite deck tiles installed

Before knowing why and where to use deck tiles, it will be best to know what they are first. These tiles are easy-to-install slabs that are used to cover decks or other outdoor surfaces, though it is not uncommon to see deck tiles being featured inside the home. Deck tiles can be easily used to cover existing floor surfaces, whether it is a concrete floor or a wooden floor. They can be made from different materials namely composite, rubber, wood, stone and a variety of plastic materials. Deck tiles are very popular in many home renovation projects these days.

Deck tiles are easy to work with because you only need to remember a few simple things during installation. First, you should consider the surface with which you will install them, making sure that it is clean, flat and dry. Also, you have to consider mounting them on plastic footings in order to guarantee good drainage. Despite their inexpensive price, you can still expect them to perform well in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Add to that, they are very durable options in the world of flooring.

Why should you use deck tiles?

We can expound further on what was mentioned a while ago in order to answer this question. They are easy to install even by first-time DIY users. Interlocking deck tiles do not require any finishing or staining to get the clean, crisp, gorgeous look that you want. Apart from the fact that they are easy to install, you can expect that they are also very easy to maintain. You will not even need a special product in order to clean them whenever necessary. You can even easily remove them in case you need them for another project or you are moving to another place later on.

They also come in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes that make them great for any style that you want to achieve. They are like a piece of decoration that can accentuate the area where you will install them. You can even mix and match colours and patterns if you want or just go for the traditional wood that will definitely still create a ‘wow’ factor.

Where can you use deck tiles?

If there is one word that will best describe deck tiles then that will be no less than ‘versatile’. They may be called deck tiles thus making you presume they are meant to be used on decks. Actually, you can use them in other areas beyond that too. Yes, besides using them on your deck or patio, you can also install them in areas that requires redoing the floor. Take for instance your shed or gazebo.

You may be quite surprised too that they are not just made for the outdoors. You can install them indoors too especially if you have a sunroom that leads to your patio. Use deck tiles in this regard to maintain the flow between the spaces in your sunroom and patio.

Other great ways to use deck tiles will be to utilize them as flooring for your children’s playhouse. It can also be used as a roofing instead of a flooring option. You can also use them for special projects too like when you are creating a garden walkway or you want something to secure your pool’s edges.

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Professional Installation

April 28, 2015
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Skyscapes offers full-service professional installation of our distinctive outdoor flooring products.

Once you have completed your in-home consultation and selected your products, our customer-focused installation process ensures that your project is completed quickly, and to Skyscapes highest standard.

View our full selection of quality outdoor flooring products on our Shop page

Our no mess, no hassle installation technique takes the worry and stress out of the installation process. You can sit back, relax and start planning your next gathering in your newly transformed outdoor space.

Once we schedule your installation, we will provide a time window for our arrival so that you can book the elevator in your building if need be. Our team will arrive in full uniform with all of our specialty tools to complete the installation. All members of the Skyscapes are covered by a WSIB and 5 million-dollar liability insurance.

The tools and products will be brought up to your space on dollies and everything will then be carried by hand through your home on to the project space. Special Arrangements can be made to have product dropped on rooftop Terraces in situations where clients prefer we do not carry products and tools through their home.

Condo and Strata Bylaw Compliance

Skyscapes' unique outdoor flooring products, as well as our professional installation services, are in full compliance with condo bylaws. Our outdoor flooring tiles are laid over top of the existing balcony surface and no modifications are made to the buildings fixtures. Only the flooring system will be modified to fit tightly from the threshold of the door out to the edge of the condo balcony or patio. We use specialty high-powered saws to trim the tiles around balcony railings, footings, and any other fixed features. All of the modifications are completed outside your home to ensure minimal disturbance to your everyday homelife. If the duration of a project is going to carry over multiple days, our team will ensure that all debris is cleaned up daily and that tools are stored in a non-disruptive manner.

Once your project is complete, a member of our team will go over the installation with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Only at this time will the outstanding balance be collected.

We pride ourselves on completing projects to the highest standards and look forward to your reference and testimonial at the Project's completion.

Skyscapes offers professional installation of our distinctive outdoor flooring products.

View our full selection of quality outdoor flooring products on our Shop page

Curapay 1ft by 2ft interlocking deck tiles

plastic tile toronto

Ipe wood is dark brown in colour. Very dense and strong wood perfect for harsh climates

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Direct Sales for DIY

June 11, 2015
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Outdoor Flooring Products Sales for those that want to Do It Yourself – DIY

Skyscapes offers direct sales of our distinctive flooring products if you prefer to complete your outdoor flooring projects on your own.

Our DIY customers receive the same product warranty and enjoy the same high level of customer service as our full-install customers.

Installation tips can be provided if you choose the DIY option.Sweden plastic tiles

Customers in the greater Toronto area can benefit from booking an in-home consultation. We can help you choose the best product for your project, and talk with you about installation options for creating your outdoor oasis. We can provide you with a quote at the end of your in-home consultation, allowing you to compare the cost of DYI to our full-service installation.

Direct sales for our DIY customers includes Free Delivery and a complimentary 30-minute on-site installation tutorial.

View our full selection of wood and plastic outdoor flooring products.

Call us at 1 (647) 892 2527 to learn more. 

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Outdoor Flooring Maintenance

June 12, 2015
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Skyscapes’ wooden deck tiles do not require yearly maintenance. The industry leading 10-year warranty applies regardless of whether you decide to oil your wood tiles or to let them age naturally.

Many of our customers prefer to leave the wood to age naturally, creating a softer, more natural look.

If you prefer your deck tiles to maintain a deep, rich colour, the wood can be cleaned and oiled yearly. It all depends on what type of look you desire.

10-year warrantyThis process is far less complicated, costly and messy than the yearly maintenance required on inferior-quality wood decking. There is no need to sand and scrape the surface of our tiles, requiring only a quick wash to remove any surface debris. Once the surface is dry, a synthetic oil can be applied with a cloth or small brush. All it takes is one coat and your urban space will be glowing for another year.

The oiling of the wood is only slightly more involved than the cleaning that is required for our plastic tiles.

Skyscapes can perform the annual cleaning and oiling for your, or we can provide you with the oil product and direction on how to do it yourself.

Call us at 1 (647) 892 2527 to learn more about your outdoor flooring options.

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We shrink wrap patio furniture, cars, recreational vehicles and more

June 14, 2015
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Shrink wrap your outdoor furniture and accessories to protect your investment from the effects of our harsh Canadian winters

Skyscapes is your professional provider of shrink-wrapping services in Ontario. We can shrink wrap and protect your patio furniture, cars, recreational vehicles and much more. Skyscapes offers on-site shrink wrap winterizing to both residential and commercial customers. Our crew will come to your home or business and professionally clean, stack and wrap all your outdoor items on-site.

We also shrink wrap large items such as cars, boats, recreational vehicles, machinery and industrial equipment – pretty much any large item you want to protect from weather and other damage.

Our premium shrink wrap products from Dr. Shrink are made of 100% virgin resin materials with maximum UV inhibitors to prevent the polyethylene from breaking down from exposure to ultraviolet rays. This product is perfect for our cold climates as the EVA added to the film keeps the polyethylene soft & flexible in sub-freezing temperatures. All of our wraps are Made in Canada and are recyclable using the REBAG® Recycling Bags.

 Benefits of Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap patio furniture, cars, recreational vehicles

  • Shrink wrap will securely protect your outdoor furniture and accessories (such as your BBQ, patio heaters, and outdoor kitchen) from damage due to wind, snow, rain, sun, animals, pests, fallen leaves, and every-day “dust”.
  • We  stack your items safely on your patio or deck, then shrink-wrap them on-site – no moving or storage costs
  • We install small vents to prevent condensation under the wrap, preventing rotting, rusting and mildew. Your items remain  clean and dry all winter
  • The size of your combined items does not matter – we can safely and effectively wrap almost any size and shape
  • Shrink wrap is light and will conform to the shape of your items, proving durable, wind-proof, and watertight protection
  • Tightly wrapped items help deter theft and vandalism
  • Shrink wrapping is a convenient and economical alternative to inside storage
  • Come Spring, just remove the wrap and all your gear will be clean and ready to use – no need for harsh chemicals or power washing.

Why wrap and not tarp?

  • Leaves, snow, and animals will get under a tarp and make their home with your gear for the winter, causing damage and dirtying your items
  • Water will pool on your tarp and if not removed, make a lovely attraction for birds and bugs, which means more mess for you to deal with in the spring
  • The ropes you use to tie down your tarp will press against your gear and cause indentations or abrasions when the wind kicks up
  • Who wants to hear tarps flapping around in the middle of a cold winter night? Not you!

Not just patio furniture!

Almost anything can be shrink-wrapped – even a house!

  • Boats, cars, airplanes, recreational vehicles
  • Machinery and industrial equipment
  • Storage sheds
  • Bulk items for safe shipping

Depending on the specific project, we also provide rust-inhibitor protection, air venting and other protective strategies to ensure your items looks as good on the day you un-wrap them as on the day they were wrapped.

Protect your investment. Call us at 1 (647) 892 2527 for details.

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