Are your products environmentally friendly?

February 23, 2017
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Exotic Wood products: 

Our founder and CEO has travelled to South America and met with suppliers and visited the forests to see for himself that the wood is being selectively harvest, and more trees are being planted in their place.  

Our off cuts are reused when they can be, or they are given to local wood workers to ensure that none of the beautiful exotic wood is unnecessarily disposed off. 


Our composites are sourced from an established European company. They are produced using only the highest quality chemical compounds. The wood components are all certified sustainable sourced.

We ensure that any excess composites, are properly disposed off and anything that can be recycled is recycled.

Our Swedish plastic tiles, are a virgin plastic. This is necessary due to how thin the pieces of plastic are on the deck tiles.  But we use off cuts, to act as drainage underneath and planter pots, and they are given to our clients with who have had wooden outdoor floors installed. This allows for water to drain, and the air to circulate.  

The additional off cuts are fully recycled.

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