Skyscapes is a revolutionary company that is dedicated to transforming the average urban outdoor space into an extraordinary oasis. Skyscapes offers a wide variety of unique, convenient outdoor flooring solutions of the highest quality, adding comfort, beauty and luxury to your balconies, patios and terraces. We use only the highest quality deck tiles- Eco Arbor product in all our balcony transformations supplied and/or installed

Why Choose Skyscapes for Structural Wooden Tiles?

  • Structural wooden flooring tiles are an elegant and durable solution to transforming your balcony or rooftop terrace into an outdoor oasis
  • Create a cleaner, more inviting outdoor space as compared to a cold concrete floor
  • Our unique outdoor flooring solutions optimize usable space in your home or business
  • Visually differentiate your business’ space from that of competitors 
  • 10-year warranty on the Eco Arbor Wooden decking
  • Over 10 years of proven success and happy customers!


Structural Tiles Specs and Information

  • Tiles are prepped by oiling, unless otherwise specified
  • Solid single board support the 8 decking slats underneath the itles (not the small boards that have combine by finger joints)
  • All fasteners are hidden under the tiles, this is aesthetically appealing and prevents water and debris from building up around the fasteners
  • These are the thickest wooden structural deck tiles on the North American market
  • All decking boards are A-Grade True Bolivian Ipe lumber. (Our owner, travels to Bolivia to source sustainable high quality Ipe lumber)
  • The ends of the decking boards are finished with a paraffin wax, this disperses over time and allows moisture to leave the wood slowly, this prevents warping and large structural cracks!


What are Eco Deck Structural Wooden Deck Tiles?

Skyscapes’ structural deck tiles are an elegant and durable solution for roof decking and elevated flooring. They are designed to be used on pedestal supports but can be installed over joist framing and traditional decks.


Why Choose Eco Structural Wooden Deck Tiles?

  • Incredibly durability rating and are
    built to last 20+ years
  • 3x harder than Red Oak
  • Wires, hoses, etc. may be concealed within the cavity under the elevated platform, while still remaining accessible.
  • Base allows for water, dirt and snow to drain which allows complete air circulation around the board
  • Light weight, low-maintenance and termite proof.


Our structural tiles are specifically designed for use with adjustable height pedestals as a cost effective means of creating elegant, perfectly horizontal, load bearing decks over sloping, uneven, cracked or unsightly concrete surfaces or rooftops. Skyscapes uses a combination of both VersiJack® and SpiraPave® for structural pedestals.


VersiJack® 75 is used to support pavers, beams and bearers in the construction of roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof gardens and platforms.

  • Heavy duty, adjustable, and lightweight
  • Adjustable in height from 3″ – 6″ inches
  • Maximum height of 48 inches
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Increases heat insulation.
  • Used with granite, marble, precast concrete, Ipe tiles as well as industrial gratings.
  • Hollow internal core allows additional ballast such as cement infill if required.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled or clear virgin plastics.


  • Head diameter 6.3″
  • Base diameter 8.1″
  • Extender height 3″

Compressive Strength

  • > 3527.4 lbs

Slope Compensation

  • 5.94″ onwards with
  • extenders 1 – 4.4″ per extender


  • 1.54 lb. per unit

Service Temperature

  • -20 Cº to 120 Cº


  • Polypropylene Extender.


SpiraPave® is low profile optimal decking support that acts as both a stand alone and a combination pedestal. It can be installed directly and used in combination with VersiJack® pedestals to provide exceptional versatility.

  • The high-tech design allows SpiraPave® to support any sized bearer – a simple twist locks the bearer in place.
  • Adjustable from 20 – 87mm and
  • can account for slopes up to 5% when combined with an optional Slope Corrector.
  • Each SpiraPave pedestal is capable of supporting 2.5 tonnes
  • Capable of stepping up or down for fine tuning height adjustments.
  • Has a minimum height of 12 mm makes it ideal for installations where conventional height-adjustable pedestals are generally too high to be used.

Height Flexibility

Height range .66″ to 3.42″


Unmatched compressive strength. Each SpiraPave® unit can hold up to 2500kg.


SpirePave® can be secured to the supporting surface and locked at chosen heigh, eliminating settling issues with competitive




  • Height range .66″ to 3.42″


  • Smooth
  • Grooved


  • 5.75lbs per SqFt (very lightweight)


  • Class A
  • (ASTM E108-07a Spread of Flame


  • 3680lbs (JankaRating)
IPE 3680 22 560 High A Highest rating for insect and termite resistance. 30 Also known as “Ironwood,” is extremely dense and tight-grained. No splinters, surface stays smooth & resists damage.
MASSARANDUBA 3190 17 310 High A Highest rating for insect and termite resistance. 251 Also known as Brazlian Redwood, has a consistent reddish colour with a fine straight grain and is nearly blemish free.
TEAK 1000 14 600 Medium B-C Generally very resistant.Different grades will vary greatly. 10-15 Very dense, straight-grained hardwood with a high natural oil content. Deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues
PRESSURE TREATED PINE 870 14 500 Varies Chromated copper aresnate in wood offers excellent resistance, but with potential health and environmental risks. 10 Surface develops splits and boards tend to
cup and twist. Can become rough & gray to green without regular sealing.
COMPOSITE DECKING 940 – 1390 1500 – 4500 Low C-D Generally resistant. Different types will vary greatly. 10-15 Tendency to sag, expand, contract and fade in sunlight. Susceptible to moisutre, mold and mildew.
REDWOOD 480 7900 Low C-D Resistant to decay, but relatively soft and quick to weather. 10-12 Usually straight-grained with a fine, even texture. Scratches easily, splinters and becomes black-gray without regular sealing.