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Skyscapes offers several premium outdoor flooring solutions to suit your style and budget.

There are countless applications for our durable, weather-resistant balcony deck tiles.  Allow us to help you create your urban oasis. You are limited only by imagination!
  • Condo balconies, common areas and terraces
  • Decks, rooftop terraces and patios
  • Covering up old, damaged or discoloured surfaces
  • Commercial restaurant patios
  • Garages and basements
  • Sauna flooring and outdoor showers
  • Specialized solutions for asphalt and EPDM membrane roofs
Select from one or a combination of our wood and composite (WPC) deck tiles, and we will design a beautiful installation pattern to suit your outdoor space. Give us a call to discuss!

Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) | Outdoor Balcony & Patio Tiles

Wood Deck Tiles

  ECO Arbor Product Guide(Click on the image above to view the ECO Arbor product guide.)

ECODeck Tiles combine premium quality natural hardwood with a high strength composite interlocking backing.

This system features a fastening matrix that is pre-secured using industrial strength stainless steel screws on the underside of the tile. The deck tiles can be installed over any even, level self-draining outdoor surface to create your custom outdoor entertainment areas.

Once our ECODeck Deck Tiles are locked in place, the patented base of the tile allows it to interlock into its neighbouring tile, creating a durable, hard wearing deck floor. Our tiles are comfortable to walk on, visually stunning, yet durable enough to withstand our harsh Canadian winters and the blazing summer sun. Wooden tiles are the best solution for balconies with southern or western sun exposure, as they disperse the heat much more effectively than composites.

The deck tiles used by Skyscapes are #1 in the industry for quality and manufacturing precision. Our tiles are made on a high-quality backing grid system, with injected polymers for both fire protection and UV stabilization.


Our wood tiles are thick and sturdy, so they don't warp.

Our wooden tiles are the thickest on the North American Market, sourced from an American company with a 12 year proven track record!

You will enjoy a precise deck surface that will last 20-40 years. You can remove then re-install your tiles even years after the initial installation. If you are moving, you can leave the tiles there to increase the value of your property in the mind of potential buyers, or pick them up and take them with you.

View our selection of Wood tiles

Our products have proven to last the test of time, that’s why we are proud to offer our industry-leading 10-year warranty on every deck tile we sell.




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